Quixel issue with materials

Just reporting a bug. I have noticed that when i add quixel assets the materials arnt set up in the instance it just sends a empty material instance and a few texture maps a albedo a normal and one im not sure what it is,


Also a update if your like me and run into this issue. If you goto your material instance and select ms_defaultmaterial as the parent material. It will set up the material tho it will only have the base colour and a normal map. Tho it should get ya up and running enough to play around with them in the new engine.


I do have the same problem. Also solved it by just using some older defaultMS material. But there seems to be no option in Bridge to download the new master materials.

I also have the same problem. Its very tiresome to me, since I’m just learning UE and I need to figure out how to accurately make a new material from the textures. I’d be very thankful for any advice to this.

Unrealsensai has real good tutorial’s on landscape materials on YouTube. Could be a good watch for you bro if your tryin to learn about materials