Quickstart object rendering

Hi guys,

I’m completely new to Unreal Engine.
I’m currently working on a project where I need to display objects in the sky.
I know how high and where they are, and I want to know what the best approach is here.

Do you have a starting point/tutorial where I can begin? Or do you have the solution already?

The way I see it know is that Unreal can be a (virtual) 3D world and when I want to add a flying object, all I have to do is give a 3D model of the object with a position. Doing this will result in a rendering of the object at that point. Am I correct?

Is there a way to get started building my first world?


Hi Hanselsen,

Welcome to the community and Unreal! :slight_smile:

For tutorials:

We have our Official tutorials page on YouTube that will go over the basics of the engine and more complex systems that may be of interest.
We also have our Wiki page that has tutorials submitted by the community along with Epic Official tutorials.

We even have a section on the forums where users have made simple and complex tutorials to create different game mechanics and all.

Since you’re brand new to the engine I would highly recommend getting comfortable with the interface and how things work by going through the quick start intro to UE4 Editor series. These will give you a good overview of how to use the tools to get started.

With regards to UE4 being virtual 3D world, this is actually how a lot of 3D game engines are. :slight_smile:

If you want to create a “flying” object though just placing it in the sky will not give it characteristics of flying necessarily. It will be a static object just sitting above the ground plane and yes it will render there unless you move it. You will have to setup some things in Blueprints along with some other features to give it the effect of flying if you want it to be anything other than static.

Have a look at the tutorials and if you get stuck or have questions feel free to ask! :slight_smile: