Quick Tutorial on getting health bars to auto-regenerate (Halo, Destiny etc.)

Any one have a quick tutorial as to how to get health bars to auto-regenerate (Halo, Destiny etc.). I got it draining accurately but can’t quite get it to auto-refill without over lapping some mesh which isn’t what I am going for.


Dunno if it’s the best way but I normally use a Boolean with a timer. Call the Boolean inCombat etc when it is false then we are not in combat any more start the timer , after timer is zero then just increase the health variable back up using delta time and clamp It to the max value so it doesn’t go too far. You don’t have to have a timer I just do it that way for mine some games have instant regen as soon as they leave combat.

Are you using the UMG Widgets for your health bar or have you impemented something bespoke?