Quick questions about Blend Spaces

I am kinda new with Unreal and trying to wrap my head around blend spaces. I have a 3rd person player character and setting up the Animation Blueprint and Blend Spaces for this character. Following animations I want to use for movements:

  1. Idle and a second idle for case the player doesn’t move for a while
  2. Walking
  3. Running
  4. Jumping

So for movement I have 5 different animations. Generally, I get it working, but I am not sure if I should use one or two blend spaces. See questions below.


  1. Do I need two different Blend Spaces? One for Running and one for walking?
  2. I only have one running and one walking animation (no sideways walking or running). Do I use blendspace or blendspace1d. Also, what is the difference between the two? And which one should I use in my case?
  3. How would I set up the animation for the jumping (is there a different way than using the “isFalling” function?
  4. One last question: I have two idle animations. the first I want to use as my standard idle and the second I want to use when the player doesn’t move the player character for a certain time and then keep alternating between idle 1 and idle 2 until the player runs or walk. How would I set this up…no complete explanation needed, but if someone could hint me in the right directions.

Thank you!!!

Thank you, for your replay.

I think I came up with a way to switch between two different idle states. I just thought of it this Morning in the car. I will try it out tonight. If it works I will post the solution here