Quick question about playing animation with delay

Hi, I imported a sequence animation from C4D, and I need to multiple of this same animation playing together, but begin at different time, so it looks dynamic.
Without any input or interaction, how can I play the same sequence animation(looping) with a delay?

Thank you in advance!!!

I’m not really sure what you try to achive.
Could you please explain it more detailed or with an example?

If you don’t wanna use any keys or interaction you can drag and drop your AnimSequence (icon with green bottom) into your map in the 3D viewport you can choose a “Initial Position” at the Details tab. If you would randomize that or if you really wanna start with some delay instead of starting with some offset then you could create a BP actor from the AnimSequence (e.g. select it in 3D view and click that “BluePrint/Add Script” button in Details tab) or create a simple actor and add the skeletal mesh component with an anim in the details tab. You could stop with “PauseAnims” enabled add a delay with some random value at Event BeginPlay and deactivate pause of your SkeletalMeshComponent afterwards.