Quick question about model creation

Is it better to have lots and lots of actor meshes in a scene such as fences, or is it better to instead combine these individual fence meshes in Maya as 1 large mesh then import into Unreal. At the moment I have over 1000 actors in my scene and the fps is really low, I am using fence splines and I read that maybe its better to instead combine these meshes in maya then import as 1 large fencing section into Unreal.

Would this be the better way to do it? I wont be moving the fences at all and dont even need any dynamic lighting on them either.


It would be better to just make your fences a mesh instance. This is the first video i can remember off the top of my head that talks about them.

You have to keep an strategic balance between culling and drawcalls that fits your game purposes.
An entire building may be too much to bach, but is certainly a good idea to combine objects that are generating too many drawcalls and could be sent to GPU at once.