Quick question about inventory menus

I’ve seen a lot of tutorials about menus, but all of them are based on pc game-style menus, which are generally a little different to console menus (drag and drop mouse mechanics work awful on consoles). All the tuts I’ve seen either have just a list of names, a list of icons or an icon with text on top.

My question is about how I’d make a widget that would display both an icon and a name next to each other for the item the character picks up. I’m not too worried about the blueprints to display them - I can work out how to hook them up - I’m just not sure how to implement them in the widget.

Let’s say I wanted the inventory to be a vertical scroll box and the player picked up an an axe.
I would want the axe icon first, followed by the item’s name.
Would I need a button for the icon, followed by a text block that I could then change via blueprint to update on pick up?
Widgets confuse me big time.

Thanks in advance.

Inside your scroll box, I would place a horizontal box, which would enable you to arrange your icon and text horizontally. shows how you might programmatically add in children using loops.

Thank you for the advice and link :slight_smile: