Quick getting pitch angle on print string question

Quick Print String question. So I am trying to run a string to see what angle my flying mesh pitch is. Everything I throw at the “Print String” attached to my pitch movement won’t run it. Any ideas on how to grab your XYZ rotation and put in on the print? I need it so I can create a print to start losing speed at x degrees. I just want to make sure the pitch axis is correct before I do. Attached is the movement I am attaching it too.
The blueprint is simple its "Axis Input Pitch + Make Rotator (Y Axis) + FLOAT*FLOAT + Add Actor Local Rotation

Can you split your pitch movement into 3 variables (floats) by right clicking it and clicking “break/break into?” If you can, then you could make 3 print strings, each one after another, and connect each float to one of the print strings…I know I’ve printed single variables and 2D vectors (2 floats) with one print string, but I haven’t tried it with 3!

Hope this helps!