Quick easy question trying to set up "V" key on PC keyboard for prone ...

V once for going to prone and V once again for going back up to stand.
I know there is an easy way to set this up so if you press the input once it will do either one of those two things
depending if you are in the prone potion or in the stand position.
There is also the double tap issue …
I already set my input under project settings for V prone.
Just wondering how would I set the BP up in the animation graph for character?
I already have inputs and setups for holding the shift or alt key down to make character run or sprint.
But not sure about the tap once release and then tap same key again and release, doing two opposite things :slight_smile:
If you guys can maybe throw a hint here … thank you!!

So I guess the “flip flop node” after the input node right?
So it works with crouching but does it work with prone?

It works the same. V -> FlipFlop -> Stand up animation
-> Prone animation