Questions to video game developers who will be selling PC versions of video games UE4

Questions to video game developers who will be selling PC versions of video games that run on Unreal Engine 4. I couldn’t figure a good name for the title of the topic. I also hope this topic is in the right section.

Who here is developing PC versions of video games that run on Unreal Engine 4 and will sell them?

Will you sell them on

Will you sell them on Steam?

Will you sell 100% Digital Rights Management (DRM) free physical boxed versions to brick and mortar retailer stores?

I just want to know because I want to purchase all 3 versions 1 copy from Maybe 2 copies from 1 copy from Steam maybe 2 copies from Steam and 1 physical boxed version of the PC version of the video games sold to brick and mortar retailer stores world wide 100% Digital Rights Management (DRM) free.

Right now I set my money aside to not be spent so I can purchase Daylight, Solus, and Super Distro Horizons Vs. Galaximo’s Army.

Who else is there? So I can add to my list for future purchases :D. As long as the video games are not Free to Play (F2P) video games or a video games with lots of microtransactions. I don’t purchase those types of video games.

and who cares what you are buying or saving your money for. Did you really need to create a thread out of a possible Facebook post to your mates???:mad:

Am I not allowed to know? I even asked if I asked in the correct place. No need to get mad.

My team and I are currently developing a medieval RPG game called CAEDE and probably we will sell it on steam greenlight, but it will take some years until the game will be finished :smiley:

Here is a small part of one of our “songs”: 900 Subscriber Special: CAEDE - YouTube

I’m mad because these forums haven’t been set-up for people to discuss their lives and what games they are going to purchase. You’ve already created one stupid thread and then admitted that you haven’t even subscribed to UE4.
These forums are here to help new users and old to work with Unreal engine Four, and also to discus content creation, level design etc. This isn’t a social network where you can post just utter nonsense on your opinions of games and what you want, or are going to buy.

These forums have only been opened for a couple of weeks and they’re quickly filling up with complete garbage that’s totally unrelated to Epic Games, Unreal Engine Four and the games industry as a whole.

Lex i understand but Calm down. He is probably a kid.

@Ballowers100, Lex is right, This is a Developer forum. If you have this kind of requests please search the forums manually.

@Mods can we have this thread locked please?

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Too true haha. Good luck OP! :slight_smile: