Questions regarding Epic Games Academic Partners and possibility to have a live Q&A session


First-time poster here. I teach Game Development course at a public university in Indonesia and begin to use Unreal Engine 4 starting this semester.

I have few questions regarding Epic Games Academic Partners:

  1. What kind of supports provided by Epic Games for their Academic Partners?
  2. Does Epic Games have a curricula or training materials that suited for academic courses? If yes, is it available publicly or only to the official academic partners?
  3. Does anyone have experience discussing with Epic Games in setting up the academic partnership between Epic Games and their faculty/department? I am curious on how the process and the negotiations happened between each parties.

I also wonders if is it possible to have a live Q&A session with representatives from Epic Games or their evangelists. There are several groups of students who plan to use Unreal Engine 4 in the course I’m teaching at. I hope that students could get better feedback if they can communicate directly with the experts via live Q&A session.

They don’t have anything specific for Academic Partners that’s different from what regular users have access to.
You can contact them for more info: