Questions on making equippable items, tying stats, animations, etc to the item

So I have a working set of BPs for my guy to run around, be spawned a sword/shield, run animations, attack, deal damage to a target, etc. I’m looking to flesh out my equipment system but also hope to realize a specific setup if it’s something that makes sense to do so.

Ideally, I’d like to be able to equip an item and have all the necessary stuff, stats and whatnot tied to it. I think I know a path to do this, and using a table to drive stats and the like, but specifically around animations, is there a way to make the weapon own the animations so that whatever bot I give it to, they come along with the weapon? EG: I give it to a player they can thrust, chop, etc, but I’d also like to be able to ‘just drop it into an npc’ and have the animations go along for the ride. Does this sound like a viable path?

Side-question. The tutorial I followed used a Skeletal Mesh for the sword (SK_Blade_BlackKnight from the Infinity Blade Weapons pack). Some other tutorials use a regular static-mesh instead. What’s the advantage of using a skeletal mesh as a child of my mannequin vs a standard static-mesh?

Ultimately this is all for a souls-like action RPG so being able to create self-contained weapons would be ideal…

My set up if you want to follow it, it’s the following one.

Item which is an actor it holds a 3dmesh reference, And your character has a skeletal mesh component, and whenever you equip that Item, the skeletal mesh reference on the character gets assigned, that way any item it’s equip able, you can equip any, I’d try imagination like, make the inventory manager be an Item to be able to equip it, and maybe assign it a 3d bag shape…