Questions I want to Ask before Making my Game

So, I’ve been planning a story for a game for about 3 years now, and am about to actually get started with making the game, but before I download Unreal, I got some questions about if this engine can even handle what I’m looking to make. I’m trying to make a fanfiction game mostly as a hobby, I have no real intentions on releasing it to the public. If you really want to know about the story maybe I’ll consider talking about it on another thread.

Can I make custom characters/weapons/content without extra software - Can I make every unique-looking character in my game, can I make custom weapons and skills just for those characters? Can I use my own soundtrack I composed for the game? Can I do voice acting for the characters? How much customization does this engine offer?

Can this Engine make a Multiple-Perspective Game? - Can I make a game where you can play through a story as one character, then play again in another person’s perspective, giving you another part of a giant story. It would be one of the main features of my game and I would be really happy if Unreal Engine, a game engine that as far as I’ve seen is free to use, can do this.

Can you make first-person cutscenes? - As the name implies, I want all cutscenes to be in first-person, so you see every part of the story in that character’s eyes.

Can you have full body-presence in first-person? - Can I make it so when I look down I see a body, like in Battlefield 1.

Just how good of graphics can this engine put out? - I plan to make this a project where I start simple and improve it as I go on, that said, just how detailed graphics can I achieve in this engine if I learned the skills to do so?

How massive an open world can I make? - I know this engine probably can handle open-world games, actually I know it can because Goat Simulator uses Unreal Engine and is open world, the question is how massive a map could I make if I had the time?

There are some starter content assets, but if you want anything more than that, you will need to make them in a 3D modelling program like Maya, Blender, etc, and import them into UE4.




It all depends on how much effort you put in. You can do, bad, really bad, photo-real, hyper-real, cartoon, whatever you want.

Using level streaming, you can make it as big as you like.

If you plan to do this game as a part time hobby and it’s also your first game AND the first time you use this engine, probably that you don’t really need a super realistic huge open world game.
Don’t plan everything too big, because even on the really long term, as a sole developer for a game it is nearly impossible to reach that ^^

So what would be a good free asset creator for character design and weapon design?

For free? That would be Blender for 3D modelling and GIMP for 2D.