Questions about waiver of rights in section 15 of the new End User license agreement

Hello , i was just curious if opting out would exclude you from using the engine ? In the opening paragraph it says
“If you do not or cannot agree to the terms of this Agreement, do not use the Licensed Technology.” So would that also apply to section 15 ?

I was also wondering if we could opt out via phone , email or a post somewhere here on the web/forums ? ( if not it would be awesome of epic to add a check box to the agreement itself for section 15 , PLEASE , well if it is optional anyway)
My last question is why is it important that we waive this right ? It hadn’t been requested before to use Unreal engine. Just to use the free games and stuff like that. But as of thew release of UE5 , it appears to now be mandatory just to download. versions prior to Preview 2 still work fine though without any new agreements.

Unfortunately I have not been able to get an answer to my previous question in regards to section 15 of the End user license agreement on unreals official or unofficial websites. So i would like to try something . I hereby exercise my right to Opt out of Section 15 in all 50 states of the united states, all country’s and or anywhere on earth. My epic account name is FlashyRhino . I have posted it in both official and unofficial channels. This should be good enough to opt out I hope, because i cant send a letter for a while and really want to get back to work on my project. If its not i would appreciate if someone from epic could clarify a bit for me ? I am very hopeful a checkbox will be added to accept or deny ANY waiver of rights in any agreement. Its would be a lot more fair. Or even an email address we could send it to would be great ( thats free ).