Questions about Ureal and c++


I want to start with game developing. I am atm a student and I study Application developing/Webdeveloping. The language’s I can find my way in atm are C#, PHP, Javascript and HTML.
I am also starting with learning how to use Maya for modeling.

Now my questions are:
Should i start with learning c++ first or is it easy to get going with unrealengine?
Can u make any game type work in unreal engine? Like FPS, Adventure.

Kind regards and thanks in advanced.

You can always try blueprints :slight_smile: C++ is harder then C#, i notice lot pople have problem with understanding pointers, also C++ is harder to debug, you don’t have friendly error messages… but simply crashes as you deal with machine code here and in most cases you only get location hre error happens. But i recommand you try it i not that hard if you really what to learn :stuck_out_tongue:

A for game types, you can do a lot of type of game in unreal engine, thre even Tappy Bird demo with 2D spites. Ofcorse it’s not 100% anything possible, you might hit some design problems if you create something wacky out of Unreal standards, but thats rare and with C++ you can always code thru it somehow

You can start playing around with Blueprints to start familiarizing yourself with UE4’s capabilities, while also learning some C++. If you’re familiar with C# perhaps this C# to C++ - A Somewhat Short Guide]( could be of some use (though I haven’t read it personally). As Shadowriver said, pointers and memory management are probably going to be your biggest stumbling blocks so perhaps you should start learning about that first.

Actually Unreal’s object management system (aka UObject) manage memory for you as long you ill stay it’s bounds, other then getting use to pointers, playing with header files, less descriptive errors and a little harder declaring of some object else feels like UnrealScript, most of APIs are the same or have equivalents.