Questions about the ue4.21.0 cloth system

In the unreal4 version of 4.21.0, how can I get the virtual collision body under the bone in the physicsasset in the cloth through blueprint?
My project needs are: There is a piece of cloth that is placed in the world, and this piece of cloth can collide with actors in the world. That is: use a cube to go to the barrel fabric, this piece of cloth should collide with the cube. But I found that no matter how I set collision presets, Collision Enabled>Collision Enabled(Query and Physics), Object Type>WorldDynamic, Collision Responses set all blocks; they can’t interact with the cloth. I don’t know if I can simulate the collision between the external collision body and the cloth. Are there any big cattle to give a solution? Isn’t unreal4 unable to achieve the collision between the cloth and the external collision body?