Questions about terrain in UE4 and world machine

Hello. I am working on a macro for World machine and have a few questions.

Can I use several of masks to define different textures in Ue4? I’m not sure how many I get in the end but at least 4 depending on how many textures I want to mix.Or is there another procedure I need to know of?

Here is how the color map looks like in WM. Is it even possible to create something like this in Ue4?

  • You get 4 layers per component
  • As far as I know there is no limit to number of layers in the material I know of, I’m sure there is one at some point. You are still limited by textures depending on your target, as you can only have one material on the landscape actor.
  • There are dozens of ways to setup your landscape material, most popular are using the WM maps as masks in the material OR imported as landscape layer info

Both of these links have tons of great information.

Thanks a lot for the information! Will read when i come home!