Questions about: NavMesh - Simple Move to Location - Multiplayer - Mouse

Hi guys,

I have a question about “Simple Move To Location”, when i try use this to move my character (no IA), work fine when run like server but when i create a dedicated server with a N clients, i cant move player with mouse (mouse coordinates works well per client, but “Simple Move To Location” not work). In project properties section NavMesh System i have checked “Allow replicated NavMesh to client” but that not work :(. Is an issue? i can understand that navmesh is run on server, but “Allow replicated NavMesh to client” not replicated NavMesh to use in PlayerController???


Simple Move to location is not multiplayer supported. Its only good for single player games. To do that in multiplayer you would need to come up with your own solution.

Simple Move To Location should be executed on the server for the client to move.

Hi everyone. I stumbled upon this problem as well now. Simple move to locatoin works when executed on dedicated server but the character is moving extremely slow. From the animation it looks like it is fighting between walking and idle state. It works fine when using listen server though. Is there some solution to this or do I have to come up with a completely new method?