Questions about Landscapes and World composition

I have a few questions regarding Landscapes and World Composition:

  1. When creating a landscape, the UE4 Editor seems to have an upper limit of 1024 Components.
    Numerous forum posts and articles in the documentation also mention a recommended upper limit of 1024 components for a landscape.
    I understand that there would be such a limit if i were to all components of use such a large landscape at the same time, however what if the landscape components are streamed via World Composition, does that recommended upper limit of 1024 components still apply even if i let only ~5 components be loaded at the same time via World Composition streaming?

For example, with 255x255 Quads section size, 2x2 sections per component i can select only a maximum of 16x16 components.
Would manually breaking that editor limit and adding additional components with the “modes -> manage -> add” tool (for example, to a size of 20x20 components) have a hit on performance, even when using World composition and setting stream distances so only ~5 components are loaded at once?

  1. I’m still a bit unclear how you determine on what locations we can use for level building. Let me explain:
    Usually single levels are built around the center of the current world, namely (0,0,0), to optimize floating point precision and for convenience for the level designer. At last that’s what i’ve been doing so far in other games.

I assumed that with world composition one can design each sub level around its individual (0,0,0) origin and then offset it with the World Composition tools while the levels themselves keep their origin.

However, when setting up a large landscape in the persistent level, and then sending each individual component to its own sublevel (via the “modes -> landscape -> manage -> move to level” tool) it has the result that the landscapes sent to the sublevels, despite being open only as is individual level, are located far away from the center, for example at X : -102000, Y : -200000, Z : 100.
Is that intended? Are sub levels with landscape part components (recieved from a persistent level) supposed to be so far away from the center even when opened as a single level file and not opened as part of a persistent level?

If you check “Enable World Origin Rebasing” under World Settings, this will auto-center you on the exposed levels.