Questions about Board Games in general


I have some question about making the multiplayer turn based games. I hope I can find more information about these types of games.

  1. One question is how/where to set up the cameras. Are they separated camera actors for each player and then each player posses one camera actor.
    or the cameras shall be set up inside the characters and then I spawn all characters with different rotation for their owned cameras.

  2. In multiplayer games, shall i make a different player controller for each character. I guess Yes.

I appreciate if somebody can prepare this on the x/o template game that is available in the epic launcher though answering the 2 questions above is suiting me.

Thank you in advance.

  1. Cameras are components that can be added to any Actor and switched to with SetViewTargetWithBlend on the PlayerController.
  2. If the Players have different game mechanics then they could have different PlayerControllers but if their mechanics are equal then they use the same Class.

Thank you Garner, I will try this and come back here for any help. thank you again.