[Question] Why don't my networked sessions actually exist?

Hello, I have already posted this up on answerhubbut figured I may as well open it up to the rest of the community as well for sanity’s sake.

I am hosting a dedicated server on a separate machine on my LAN, I have multiple players connected and communicating through replication using the ‘open <IP>’ in order to connect clients. However!

Whenever I try to use online functionality that calls SessionInterface->GetNumSessions() from my clients, It winds up returning 0. Nothing crashes, but anything past that check cannot run.

Why is this? How can I change this? I am using a combination of blueprints and c++ so either suggestions are welcomed.

[This has been answered now, you can see the answer on the answerhub page.]

This has been resolved on the AnswerHub post and I am merely including the solution here for completeness sake … just in case someone else is searching the forums.