[Question] Using 2 (Matinee)s at the same level to get screenshots & avi

I am using UE4 for ArchViz.

In my scene [Level] I put 4 cameras… I was able to get screenshots by using Level Blueprint, and in Play mode I used the console command to save hi resolution images.
In another project I was able to create a movie by using a camera group inside Matinee which was also hooked by Level Blueprint.

My wish is: to use 2 (Matinee)s in the same level,

The first Matinee to get 4 cameras screenshots (Hi resolution). And the second Matinee to create an (avi) movie…
So, Is it possible to use the Level Blueprint in the same level to achieve my wish…? If the answer would be NO… otherwise, is there an alternative proposal…?

Best Regards

Not at the same time but yeah, it is perfectly possible in many ways. You dont even need a second Matinee actually. Set your director track like this for the cameras:


The first camera is the animated cam, the other 4 will be used for screenshots. And then set Event keys for your screenshot cameras(named screenshot_1,2,3,4 in my setup) Now call that Matinee in youe level BP and you’ll se execution pins for those event keys, by which you can execute highresshot console commands. If you want 2 Matinees to keep things more organized just have the first animated camera in the first Matinee actor and then setup your second matinee with your other cams like you see in the screenshot.

Btw, dont set the event keys at the first frame of every camera…give it a second or so for auto exposure to settle.

Hi Jacky;
Many thanks for your time & the detailed clarification…

Best Regards :slight_smile: