[Question] UE4 Editor lag and stutter

My UE4 editor has started to lag and white stutter lines appear.

I have no clue what is causing this, but the UE4 editor is not running smooth. It’s lagging quite drastically and the white lines as if it’s not rendering properly.
The white grainy lines appear for a short second each time, often when moving around in the viewport.

Any ideas?

That sounds like a GPU problem, what is your GPU? Are you using a laptop?

GTX 970

Games runs totally fine, only issue I am having is with UE4.
While moving around it’s using 33% ish of the GPU but still lags.

Worked fine until one day it just started to lag in all the installed versions of UE4 I have, I had some issues with the epic launcher as well. Couldn’t click “Update” reinstalled both the launcher and the UE4.22.

Visual glitches like that sounds like an issue with the GPU drivers, are they up to date?