[Question] Translating a object left or right with a key press

Hey all,

I’ve been looking all over the net, and watching lots of blueprint tutorials today, and I still havent found an answer or how to set up what I want to do. I really wanted to participate in the Game Jam this weekend, but i cannot figure out what do to, to make this work. I’m gonna keep trekking along, after its over.

I have this bird character, and I want to be able to press either “Z” to move left and “X” to move right. Following this tutorial, just didnt work for me :frowning: seems like the player start was taking over the input of the keyboard. is it better to use a gamepad input over the keyboard, or is there a way for the player start to be unfocused?

I made the bird a ‘character’

Once the bird moves left or right over the blue box, I wanted the pegs to raise up from the ground, moving off the box causes them to go back under. I’m figuring this is done via a translate Z but I have no idea how this is read in blueprint.

If anyone has any tips or what i’m missing to make this work, it would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

You probably haven’t set the blueprint to receive commands. There’s an input setting in most blueprints which is normally set to disabled, change it to player 0. You’ll find it in the defaults tab.

Actually, looking at your grab you’ll need a few more nodes before your bird will move. I’ve never used a add movement input though so I’m not sure how that one works-try adding some Vales to the translate coordinates boxes.