[Question] Trace inside of bsp returns as false

I ran into a weird problem while switching some of my static stuff out to bsp, a line trace entirely inside a bsp brush returns a false result. Since I’m currently using the traces to keep my enemies going around platforms, they suddenly just flew off into space.

If you look at the image, the left platform is made out of a bsp brush, the right one is a static mesh with the same enemy on both. The left one only returns hits on the faces, the right one is considered “solid” and returns hits even if the line trace is entirely inside the prop.

I’m not sure if this is an intended result or a bug so I though I’d just ask. I’ve managed a workaround already and I know you’re not really supposed to use bsp for your maps anyway.

Hi Jonas,

Because a BSP is a hollow area with a series of walls, you would need to place a blocking volume in the BSP to detect a hit from anything other than faces. Thank you for your report.


I notice there is a ‘hollow’ setting on BSP volumes but it doesn’t seem to change anything, should it?

Hi Taisaku,

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