[Question] Touch & Camera BP

Hi fellow devs,

I have a question about something I can not seem to figure out on my own here :rolleyes:

In UE4 I have made a sphere which I want to shoot. To shoot it you first have to pull your finger back a bit (the sphere won’t move with your finger) so you can see an arrow which points in the direction you are shooting. And to shoot it you have to swipe it forward (then the sphere shoots away in that direction).
The part of pulling it back first and seeing the arrow is already done. But I don’t know how I can make it in blueprints so that I can calculate the speed you swiped with.

Here is my blueprint of the pulling back:

The second thing I want to ask is: How can I show 2 screens of 2 different cameras at the same time (like splitscreen)?

Hope some of you are able to help me figure this out :rolleyes:

Thanks in advance,