Question to Epic about UWP support

I was wondering if someone from Epic can maybe answer this because it seems like UWP support for UE4 is very unsupported and I guess I’d like to know why this is and if there are any plans to have more support for it?, or really what the plans are.

I’ve recently started looking at this so I can possibly port my game over to Xbox and it’s looking kinda bad in this regard. The best I can find is UE4 ver 4.19 and currently as I’m typing this I’m trying to compile a version 4.20 that someone seems to have put together, and I’ll see how this goes. But the problem is that UE4 is at ver 4.23 and my game is currently running on 4.23 which will be the final version for my game since it’s basically complete at this point… (waiting to see if I can get it accepted on the Epic store)

Yeah, so I guess I’d just like to know if it’s possible to even share this info, what the plans are there. Are there any plans to keep the UWP version up to date or get it up to date?. I also wonder what’s the reason for not supporting it out of the box?. Is it an MS thing?. I guess just some info about it would be nice because it’s pretty cool that it’s possible for me to develop for Xbox but the tools are not up to par with PC and that kinda worries me a little bit even trying to go into this direction.

Thanks in advance for any info you guys can share.

I guess at this point I’d need to assume that UWP is completely unsupported. I still hope for something to happen there, hopefully some out of the box support for Xbox, considering that MS supports the fact that you can convert your home Xbox into a dev Xbox. It’s not just all official through dev kits and stuff like in the past. It would be nice if UE4 has this kind of support built in. I mean, even considering that you have to get a separate branch from github, but that’s completely unsupported as well. I guess I’m just really hoping for it, but not sure what the real reasons are for not supporting it at all.