[Question] Replacing the Shooter Game Character

ok been trying for a while to replace the Shooter Game Character but no joy, i don’t want to use the Characters rig as i find it to be very strange with the bone alignment of the spine bones !!!

so i decided to scale and import one of my own characters along with the UDK anims, after i spent the time re-creating the anim blueprint i found that my character warps out, any hints or tips on where i might have gone wrong would be most help.

i realise this might not be wanted, but i expect others will use the game as an example and get stuck

it looks like there is something not right with the FBX during creation or your choices during import.
Look at the model that they supply for the tutorial. This is just from the looks of the image you posted. Maybe if you can put the model in the drop box or post your steps that you took to import ,setup…etc etc

My student made a Maya rigged version of the template character using The Setup Machine. I think it is 2013 version.
Obviously it won’t match with the internal rocket rig but it could be used for replacements.

[Dropbox - File Deleted][1]

I posted a 3ds Max CAT version in an earlier post.
[1]: Dropbox - File Deleted

Hi Guys, thought i’d try a different rig and anims, just in case i did something wrong, but the results where the same/similar , i then imported the mesh/anims into the TPS_BP template setup the simple animblueprint and it works fine, bit lost atm to why the problem is there

i doubt that will be the answer but you never know, atm i’ve narrowed it down so that when i un-plug the additive node for the aimoffsets then the mesh plays the anims as normal.

i didn’t know of a second hot fix so i’ll have a look later

ok sorted, it was just some of the aimoffset anims properties that wasn’t set, which i missed, you have to set them to additive

#Animation Hotfix

GeoDav did you use the Beta6 Animation hotfixes/patches, the 1st one and the second one which restores the name signature?

What you are seeing looks alot to me like the pre-patched Beta6 animation problems I was having