Question regarding capability of UE4 *idea based*

Hi, I’m interested in learning UE4 and how I can use it to build an idea I have. I love to build Dwarven Forge dungeons for D&D games and would love to be able to make a click/drag and drop “mapping tool” to layout a dungeon on screen. I have a virtual table that projects from underneath and I want to have one “player” be in charge of dragging and dropping pieces of the dungeon in a location on the virtual table (which btw, is just a monitor/projector from underneath).

My question is, is it possible to create a tool using UE4 that has these dungeon pieces on each side of the screen, and the user controlling the program has the ability to click on say, a long hallway piece, drag it to the location and drop it (prferably snapping to other pieces if possible)…

Can this system do it? If so, anyone have any resources I could watch in this instance?

Thanks, sincerely!


Definitely doable.

Couldn’t you just use the editor for this?

That sounds very much doable (as far as I understood it)

I googled what you said in the beginning, you mean those miniature dungeons? Now I didnt exactly understand what u are going to do but I guess and say u want a modular board for your board game. Yes this is very doable and probably the most efficient way to do it is using ue4.

I want to remind you though that ue4 is quite big, even if u want to do something very simple you need to learn some basics - once you got those it will easy doable. Now theres lots of procedural map/dungeon creation, you could probably use some elements of this. However since i dont know how your game will work exactly i can not make suggestions.

I can only suggest you try to get into ue4, put a few days/weeks effort in going through the official tutorials, then you will realize how you can do what you want to do exactly.

Edit: your thing inspired me. you could even randomize the number or directions of doors in the next room etc…

hey, to encurage you to try, and to challenge myself I made this:

Now thats the simple version of your thing i guess with only one module. took me about 30 min (while it took me really much of this time to figure out how to make this simple element in blender because i never use it :P)

Idk if u need different sizes or not and randomized things like doors etc… but this can all be doen quite quick. Just do me and youself a favor and take a few days / weeks to go over the official tutorials so you can understand what I put into this project file and use it as you want it.

link to dropbox for the projectfile is in description of the video