Question Regarding Blueprints, Lighting, and their encompassing triggers!

Hello! I’m relatively new to UE4 so I might have some inquiries that seem outlandish however I couldn’t articulate this well enough for a google search.

I recently made a map devoted in order to test rudimentary knowledge on light activation using triggers and blueprints. I set up 7 lights on a board at the end of a boardwalk and walked along 7 triggers placed sequentially, lighting up each as I passed the aforementioned threshold.

I did so by using the following visual script in the blueprint editor.

As you will notice in the image above, I had to use 7 different events - corresponding to the 7 different triggers used for each particular light. Now this brings me to my inquiries:

  1. Would it be possible to condense the amount of triggers to 1 while still allowing to a delayed activation of all 7 lights?
  2. **After building lighting, my lights remained activated and would NOT turn off even after I had verified they were disabled through the options. What would be the source of this?
  • I will post any follow-up questions below.

Thank you for your time!**

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