Question regarding Animation Timing

Quick question about the timing of various animations. So my target FPS is between 75fps and 90fps (VR). When timing the animation during the modelling/animation phase, how should that be set up so that the animation doesn’t play too fast (or too slow)?

Let’s say the animation is 2 seconds long, should I record the animation (3ds Max timeline) so that it ends on frame 180 (assuming 90FPS)? I’m sure its explained somewhere if anyone can point me in the general direction.


The duration of your animation (in time, not frames) in max will be the duration in Unreal, it is independent of frame rate.

Edit: If you find it easier you can set your timeline in max to use seconds:


Excellent, thanks!

So if I am understanding correctly, the duration of the animation is not affected by the FPS that the game is running at?

No. At least it shouldn’t be affected (but, as example in Rust that now runs Unity5 building/smashing speed affected by framerate).