[Question] Possible to get Landscape Polygon Tangent in Blueprint?n

I’m trying to create a type of ground-hugging hovercraft in Blueprint that will align it’s rotation so that the bottom of the craft is always parallel to the surface below it (but only within a certain distance, so if you go over a cliff you will ‘glide’ through the air).

So when the craft is on a slope, it will rotate to be parallel with the slope (within a certain limit) but remain a fixed height above the ground so as to give the appearance of hovering. Ideally, it needs to be damped rather than applied harshly

Anybody know if this is possible in Blueprint?

I made this simple graph for you that aligns the mesh to the normal of landscape. Not sure if this might work for you. I have attached the example file with this answer. Feel free to download it and make any changes. Please let me know if it works. :slight_smile:

[Download ZIP file][2]

Thanks for that Satheesh, unfortunately it doesn’t work as this has to update every tick not as part of the construction script.

That does show me how to do a proper line trace though, so thanks for that! Also, the craft has physics of it’s own, so as it impacts the terrain, this code forces it to behaves very strangely and ‘dance around’.

What I should probably try to do is get the LIFT_SPRING section working first.

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If this helps, these are the style of Hover-Physics I’m trying to replicate:

Or even better, this is one of my own videos of the same tank I’m using in the old game engine :slight_smile: