Question: Player character interacting with other character / Player interacting with other mesh

Hi There,

I would like to know if there is a way for a player character to interact with another mesh ( and possibly make use of the objects blueprint and animations ) ?

For example the player character running and encounters a wounded character on the ground and helps him up and carries him\her and now both of them move together with player input


Player reaches out to an object and picks it up and moves around with it ( in its hand/s ) and can also reach out and put the object back down

Hello there. You can run a trace using LineTraceByChannel(or By Object) from the camera to x units forward. Then you can run all sorts of checks, if it detects a mesh that you want, or another character, his life etc.

Well you use sockets to attach objects to a character so you should probably look at sockets as a way of attaching objects to each other.