[Question] OnPerceptionUpdated - No value will be returned by reference?


I’ve recently been following [this tutorial][1] on the official Unreal YouTube channel in order to create some basic AI for my game, however, I’ve run into an odd problem that’s halted my plans in their tracks. For whatever reason, the OnPerceptionUpdated event isn’t firing at all and has a note stating “No value will be returned by reference. Parameter ‘UpdatedActors’. Node: OnPerceptionUpdated”

I’m not sure whether this is a bug with version 4.10.2 of the Unreal Engine or if I’ve just messed things up, but I’m honestly at a loss as to what I can do to resolve the problem so any help would be appreciated. Attached below is an image of my AI controller setup.

did you figure this out? im running into this same issue…thought it was with 4.10 so i upgraded to the latest 4.11 preview and its still there smh so frustrating

I worked it out.

It does work, And it gives you the NOTE at the bottom. to test, run in simulation mode - whilst running change debug filter to your AI blueprint. It should be passing whatever validation your putting on it.

There was really no straight forward answer anywhere online about this.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: