Question on how to restrict movement

I am hoping someone may be kind enough to point me in the right direction to find the solution to my question. I am using the flying template as a base and the virtual joysticks as the final control input method. My question is, “How can I limit the pawn movement to up, down, forward, backward, strafe left, strafe right with no tilt or roll (Meaning the view remains perfectly level) when using the movement joystick?” My desire is that one joystick would function as the movement (without pitch or roll), and the other would allow for the actual camera movement (so the player can look around). I hope I am making sense.

I am not looking for someone to do all the work, I am just hoping for some nudging in the right direction. I readily admit that my knowledge of blueprints is quite lacking, but I am willing to work and to learn.

Any assistance is very much appreciated.



Never looked at the flying template to be honest, but i guess it also uses a custom PlayerController for the joystick input? I’d add a multiplier of 0 for the Pitch and roll.

There’s a tutorial for look-around on different controllers (Mouse, Gyro, Touchscreen) for looking around, but with a bit of fumbling you could prolly adapt that to your project:

Especially HERE:

You could replace the mouseX and mouseY with your desired (to be blocked) Joystick inputs and instead of sensitivity use a constant of 0. Then you can disable roll or tilt.

Thank you Fronzelneekburn. I will certainly look at what you posted.


Limit the axis of the movement.