Question on directional light shadow

I have a what is probably a basic problem with a directional light I am using in a level. When I am very high above my landscape I can see an obvious shadow being cast that is roughly the shape of a semi-circle in front of the camera. I have tried looking for an actor that is casting this shadow, but it appears to be inherent from the light perhaps? I have tried a skylight but it only minutely reduces the shadow. The light in question is dynamic as well. The level requires the player to be faraway enough vertically from the landscape that this is causing me a lot of trouble.

My first thought is it could be due to settings of either atmospheric fog or exponential height fog. Try changing some variables and see if that helps

Thank you for the suggestion. It definitely took some of the edge off. I also believe that I need to add some better LOD transitions as the distance from the terrain becomes larger.