Question of Actor Rotation

A simple question: is it possible to unlock the Roll on a flyer? Dinos seem to automatically orient themselves vertically, but I need access to Roll on a flyer. I have tried to rotate the Mesh itself with Roll, as its roll is not locked, but this means that many more calculations are required for all three rotations than I can wrap my brain around. If I could use the Add Actor Local Rotation function and have Roll unlocked such that it can rotate in all dimensions, there would be no issue.

Alternatively, if anyone is very good at rotator math and can explain to me how I can calculate the Mesh’s ‘fake roll’ and the resulting Pitch and Yaw rotations, that would still work. I have stopped trying this approach simply because I am not capable of understanding any of it on my own, but my input system is built to allow for this. Any suggestions at all are appreciated!