[QUESTION] Movement + cover system

Hello everyone.
1. I have some problems with directional movement in third person controller.
All I want is to create something like here :

(only chest stays in one place - rest is directional for each rotation (left / right / back)


(movement will be about animation which I will add)

2. How about covering system ? Does anyone solved it ?

Something similar to this.

Would be nice if we can work together on it since it can be important not only for me.
Thank you for answers,

Does anyone know how to create just this ?

for gear of wars camera there are a thread in this forum, if remember right, use search.

It’s not about camera. It’s about movement.

You can create the locked or strafing movement by going to your Character Movement variables in the blueprint and checking “Use Controller Desired Rotation” and unchecking “Orient Rotation to Movement”. That should give you the feel you want for camera movement, I think. I haven’t taken a whack at cover systems yet.

Yeah thats it, is there any tutorial related with adding animations for it ? Since I working with “Third person template”. I was searching for it on YouTube but no luck.