[Question] LOD mesh inport flips mesh on its side

I want to import LOD level 1 in the static mesh settings and the LOD level 1 mesh imports 90° on its side.

The meshes are identical, except for less triangles and lower resoultion textures.
I can import them as fbx one after another into my level without rotatiion.

It happens in 7.4.4. Does someone know why that is?

Screenshots from fbx import to level and LOD import attached.

Oh no… found this
Seems like a lon existin bug :frowning:

Hmm, cant reproduce it, but I had the same problem in 4.6 -> which 3d program do you use? (in 4.6 I just imported my meshes into 3ds max - exported them - it works) :slight_smile:

It is a up-axis issue.
I use Vue for plant creation and export to obj, then fbx converter. Up axis was still in y in Vue.
A classic :slight_smile:

It actually still works, as long as you do the LOD setup and static mesh import in one go without existing UE4. Even after existing and restarting UE4, a simple reimport via right mouseclick on the static mesh solves it. That is good.