[Question] large landscapes and landscaping beyond playable area

I have a large playable landscape that covers the maximum range the player’s glider or parachute can achieve and a little more, from the ground (not a huge part of the game) everything looks good, I have everything in the landing area close to 1:1 and that’s whats important, but from 90,000 units on the Z axis its pretty obvious its just a small chunk in a vast nothingness.

I can’t seem to really find any tutorials on how to create the rural “patchwork” of land and dirt roads that make up the area i’m trying to create, or even any thing on how to create large areas like that. since its outside of the area than can be flown it isn’t a priority for it to replicate the real world, and I kinda figure someone has a trick to doing this that is pretty obvious, and doesn’t require 500 hours of texture and foliage painting.

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Could auto-texture your terrain but use a material mask to make something that will paint on fields. I think thats what you mean?

someone suggested a skybox with sky and ground to me but I didn’t think that was how UE worked anymore :confused:

If you just want it to look great at a distance you really should make some maps to overlay the landscape with Worldmachine. It excells at creating realistic landscapes that looks fantastic at a distance and it’s usually making it look good up close that can be a bit difficult and requre work in UE itself. After that just add roads by hand and spawn some distant foliage with the Procedural Foliage system in UE. Shouldn’t take much manual work. Also for something like this I really suggest using TrueSky, there is nothing better out there for creating realistic skies.

I don’t see why you would make a skybox with ground instead of using landscape and Truesky. Seems very outdated.