Question: Is it easy enough to turn the "Landscape Map" free level in to a FPS

Hi All

Not sure if allowed to do so, but could I turn the “Landscape Map” free level in to my game?

I would just need to play with gravity, my guess and create a character for it?


Any of the projects that are freely available from Epic are good to use in your projects.

With the release of 4.7 you will be able to add parts of the other templates to your project. For instance. If you started a project without any player character but decided that you wanted to have a third person or first person player from the templates you can now add this by going to your Content Browser > Add New > Add Feature or Content Pack > select the features you would like to add that are available.

Hey Tim

Good to hear from you.

When you mean 4.7, are you talking 4.7 preview or 4.7 Full Release

If it is 4.7 Preview, I should be able to open a converted version and start doing that now?


Yeah it’s available in the preview already. It’s one of my favorite new nifty features! :slight_smile:

Just a warning, when wanting to upgrade a project it’s best to avoid the “Convert In Place” option. That has been known to cause issues on some projects and it overwrites your old project so that there is no going back. I would only use the “Open a Copy” option and make sure you don’t run into any issues. If you do, you can always go back to your 4.6 backup.