(Question) I need an .A.I. that goes to predefined places

I am not that new to Unreal Engine 4, I have been using it for a year and I have never touched .A.I., So call me new.
The Problem
The tutorial about .A.I. in the Documentation says about having the enemy follow the player. What I want to create is the guard goes to predefined places on a map and when it is angry it follows the player. I have already made it follow the player when it is angry but I can’t make it patrol the map.How do I do it?

  • Create a BlackBoard variable FVecor TargetDestination.
  • Sequence >> MoveTo: TargetDestination.

SetBlackboardValueAsVector in the AIController depending on his Mood state, Happy or Angry.
If you want the Bot to interrupt its behavior as soon as the Mood value change, put a Blackboard Based Condition on the Sequence and set Abort self “On Value Change”.
This should work.