Question : How to make this system?

Hi ! I made a toolbox, and i filled tbox with ammo mags and shotgun shells.But i want when player out off ammo can get ammo from this toolbox and hold these mag and shells.So how i should do this? Should i rig all that mag and shells to toolbox ? Or how .

Well, this is a more advanced topic and it seems you’re probably not quite at that stage yet in your UE4 journey. You don’t need to rig any mags or shells to the tool box. But what you probably want to figure out is… Does the tool box open up visiblely? Or do you just press a use key and get the items from the tool box… Or better yet, when you walk over the toolbox does it just vanish and replenish your ammo.
A little more insight into what you’d like to do might help.

Hi @trolltime809

You’re going to have to get familiar with the animation system. Typically you have separate animations for the character to pick up, hold, load, put back; and separate animation for the toolbox to open/close. This video shows examples of this.

You would use:

  1. event triggers to register when character near toolbox,
  2. use input action for button/keyboard input to trigger animation to open chest and pickup object,
  3. anim notifies within the animation montage to fire off events to attach/detach ammo at specific animation frames,
  4. actor attachment to attach/detach the mag/shells from the characters hands/holster.
  5. go in reverse to put back object and close chest.