Question from beginner in UE4 [solved]

Is there any recent tutorial how to import mesh with animations from blender to UE 4? I’ve problem with fbx importer.

Blender version 2.79
UE - 4.22.1

What I tried so far:

  • I’ve applied rot, loc, scale to my mesh.
  • units set to metric and scale 0.01 and imported as scale 100, also tried with 1 and many other combinations

If I export fbx with:

  1. FBX 7.4 binary then mesh is scaled/rotated well, but animations are 100x smaller
  2. FBX 6.1 ASCII then mesh and animations are scalled well, but mesh is rotated 90 deg wrong and animations are rotated corectly.

I’ve created new blend file with 1 simple animation for tests.
blend file


I had weapon armature inside my character armature, removed it + renamed character armature and it works fine.