Question from a noobs, adding an entry on a blueprintbox

Hi, I know this is a very basic question ,but there is this tutorial who propose to add a float variable to a box of type “Get World Location”, the problem is there is juste the entry of target. Is there a way to define entry, like, inserting an entry of type float, ?


That node is going to take in an actor reference and return a vector for that actor’s location. Try dragging off of the float variable and typing “world”. It will find all available nodes based on the type of your variable.

Whatever variable you create. You can just simply drag off of the content browser, and a Get/Set value will appear. If your looking to get something specific like say a mesh then you can add it to the component section where it says add to. Then you can get world location of “Your Mesh Item.” as a target for get world location.

Sorry I was not clear enought. I have this tutorial that ask to recreate this configuration

but rigt now I can’t know how to redo that. I tried to create a nod of type getworldlocation from a float var and nothing show and the getworldlocation does not have a float value attach to it, wich make sens I guess since it is a vector3 value at the end,

The node creation in the editor is context sensitive, meaning that certain nodes will only appear on the list when you drag a wire off some other nodes.
In order to find the GetWorldLocationAtDistanceAlongSpline, drag a wire off Spline 1 and then type what you’re after. In this very case, the node you’re looking for is associated with splines rather than just float values.

On the other hand, if all else fails, you can always disable the context sensitive search (can’t recommend it, though):

An easier way is to just right click in the blueprint editor and adding the node you want from there. You can also split structs (like vectors) by right clicking the yellow pin and choosing Split Struct Pin, that way you’ll get three floats instead.

Thanks for all your answer, really appreciated