Question Concerning Unreal Engine 4 EULA

Hello all, I’m new to Unreal development, having never used UDK or any other Unreal Engine.

The EULA is unclear regarding to the 5% gross revenue. Clearly with just a single user, only 5% gross revenue is claimed, but it says nothing of if multiple licenses are owned by an entity. This brings into question how many licenses are needed for an entity, because the EULA suggests that only one user is allowed to use the provided software per license, but is unclear about price of multiple licenses.

If multiple licenses all apply the 5% gross revenue, with a 20 person team, 100% of gross revenue would be claimed. This is clearly ludicrous and suggests that the revenue is only taken once, which then questions whether or not the $19.99 price per license is also only once paid.

It would seem simply that you pay the near $20 for each license and that the 5% gross revenue is only once applied, but I have seen misunderstandings occur over similar vague items of user agreements. It is critical that myself and my partner know the specifics on this before we move forward with our plans to utilize Unreal for our project, and as silly as it seems, we find it important for everything to be clear moving forward, and understand the EULA to avoid problems for ourselves or Epic in the future.

Thank you in advance for any and all responses anyone has to my concern.

Well I have not read through it all myself but I am pretty sure 5% is per released project no matter how many people have been worknig on it. Otherwise it would be stupid as you point out.

You pay 5% of your gross revenue regardless of how many team members you have, but you pay 19$/month per team member for the Engine.