[Question] Collision Box Problem

So I have been working with collision boxes today and was wondering why the default character in ue4 floats to the side of the collision box of my objects. Basically the collision box of the assets I have stick out like 5 centimeters from the actual object, but when I walk on the side of the stairs I am able to walk about a foot out thus making the character look like he is floating. Here are some photos to show what I mean Sli Mag - Photography News, Articles and Information this seems to also apply to the default assets from UE4 like is shown in picture 1. Does anyone know how i can make it accurate to the object and not be floating? Should i make the collision box smaller? Like I said the collision box is literally the same size as the asset maybe sticks out a few cm’s.

Its because you are using a collision BOX. You should open up the stair asset and add collision directly to the mesh. They have a button in the menu (forgive me for not knowing the name) that automatically slaps some collision bounding on there.