[Question] Best way to implement pickable softbody object.

Hi guys,
After done some research, I believe currently there is no official softbody simulation in Unreal yet.

My question is how can we imitate this behavior. I need to implement a pickable object that can be grabbed on CERTAIN part of its body. Also, the body supposes to wiggle as we carry and swing it around (jelly like). Lastly, we should be able to squeeze it by user input on the SPECIFIC part user grab.

My current idea: use blueprint [Skeletal mesh] and use [Physic handle] for grabbing it. And for squeeze effects, blend animation seq of the object being squeeze start from its head to tail. Whatever part of its body is being squeezed, we blend that specific animation frame with ragdoll simulation.

Hope I am understanble. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Cheers, guys.

I think that approach is rather good. When you say “grabbed” do you mean like with a VR hand controller or something like that? This sounds very much like you want to have interactive **** in your game mate, if thats the case let me know, im in the process of developing exactly that myself.

Yes exactly. I am working on a VR project. It is my first Unreal project actually. Currently I can grab my object by bone now, but I am struggling with simply getting the ragdoll simulation right. These angular limits on [Physical Asset] does not seem to be able to make my jelly object any stiffier. Am i missing something? Maybe it is not about just these numbers, but also Physical bodies of each bones should overlap each other more, or I also need Physical material? Any idea?