Question about XP System [Not how to make it]

Hi Unreal developers,

This new C++ programming is really great and a lot easier according to me. But I want to create an XP system for my character. Back in UDK I put the code in my Custom PlayerController. Here in UE4 where I’m supposed to write the code? In Character or again PlayerController?

UE4 use identical object class system from previues UEs and mostly still uses same concepts like PlayerController etc. So all concepts from old UE works the same.

So as you thouth you need to create a child class of APlayerController class :slight_smile: you can create class easily with add code button in file menu in editor and pick APlayerController as class parent and it will set up it for you. When you create a class you swich it as default PlayerController class in package settings.

Here your new bible:

Wow quick reply,

Thanks, I knew about the docs, but didn’t know about this bible you gave link. It seems they put all the functions the engine supports and explains everything. Thanks I’ll try it right now :slight_smile:

Edit: Sorry but Can I ask you what’s the name of the method which is called when you kill someone. In UDK it was ScoreKill, but I can’t find it in UE4 now…