Question about Vive wands

I’m very new to all of this and this might not be the correct place to post this so sorry in advance.

I work at at company that is trying to get a VR workstation up and running. My boss would like to utilize the Unreal engine to view our CAD models within the Unreal Studio for design review. I’ve already gone through the software, figured out how to use datasmith (and how to scale things up by 2.5% since the scaling seems to be off), and have a general feel for the program. I wish to know however if there is an “easy” way to snap the object I am importing into Unreal Studio to one of my Vive wands. We deal with smallish parts that you could hold in one hand. Having the ability to snap the object to where the Vive wand is in 3D space would be great. I could then import in an object one of our designers wants to see, put the material on it, snap it to the wand, then turn on the VR preview.

If you guys could help me out here I’d greatly appreciate it. Having Unreal work for us would alleviate the burden of having to go with something like VRED with imo is super overkill for what we are trying to do.


Have you taken a look at the VR Template? (Selectable when creating a new project) The ‘MotionControllerMap’ has some cubes that you could re-purpose with other meshes.

For a more straightforward approach, make a StaticMesh the child of your MotionController component in your Pawn.

Let me know if anything is unclear!